Vacation Design for the Best ROI


Why You Need this Service

We specialize in turning decent properties into stunning, high ranking rentals for our rental owners. We offer Expert Short Term Rental Design Services in the Greater Portland Metro, Yamhill County, Oregon Coast, Sunriver, Salem and surrounding areas.

Vacation Rental  Design Services:

STR Consultation 

In this intensive and fun two-hour consultation, we will be using our detailed STR Checklist to write down everything that needs to be done to get your rental the best price possible!

  • We start with a phone interview, so I can research your buyer demographic and prepare for our Consultation time
  • Using our detailed STR checklist we walk through the home and discuss optimal, BIG return-on-investment, design strategies that are designed to have big, emotional impact on your rental guests

Next step is to decide if you would like to proceed with the Ultimate Turn-Key Design or the STR Two-Day Refresh for us to create and execute your design plan. Another option is to go the Virtual Design route for a complete and comprehensive DIY experience (see below).

The Ultimate Turn-Key Design

Homes that have been purchased as investments for vacation rentals need several areas dialed-in to get the BEST ratings and here is where we shine!  We provide options that other design companies do not...

  • Starting with a home assessment, using a detailed STR checklist we walk through the home and discuss optimal, BIG return-on-investment, design strategies that are designed to have big, emotional impact on your rental guests
  • We deliver a proposal that provides Good, Better, Best Furnishings options to fit every investment level
  • We use quality furnishings in order to achieve that model home look that guarantees a buyer will "emotionally connect", as well as offer durability and ease of replacement for the rental owner
  • We make sure your rental is fully stocked with necessities and extras for the BEST guest experience 

* Home must be prepped and clean prior to Designer arriving for design plan installation day.

STR Two-Day Refresh

This design service is all about rolling up our sleeves and physically redesigning the home based upon the STR Checklist recommendations to create a fresh, inviting vacation rental.

  • Using our detailed STR checklist we begin with a walk through of the home and discuss optimal, BIG return-on-investment, design strategies that are designed to have big, emotional impact on your rental guests
  • We will make HUGE transformations using what you have and adding what is needed to make the most of each space!
  • Package includes gorgeous accessories to finish out the space and get higher impact marketing photos
  • We will work for 4-7 hours in the home (dependent on sqft), as well as photograph the transformations as we go

* Home must be prepped and clean prior to Designer arriving for design installation day.

Three Phases to a Stellar Rental


Maximizing What You Have, so That it Appeals to Guests

You will be amazed at the dramatic transformations I will be able to accomplish in a single Design Day using what you already have OR starting with a blank slate for the Ultimate Design Makeover!! Successful STR design must make financial sense and I am experienced and trained in making the most of your current belongings or guiding you on what to replace in order to turn rental seekers into guests.  We will start with a Consultation in order to assess your space.


Recommended Purchases and Upgrades

Working within your investment level, I will only recommend purchases that will MORE than pay for themselves in the repeat guests and 5 Star reviews you will receive. During the Design Day, I will bring in accessories in order to get fantastic photos for your management's marketing efforts and to attract Internet traffic. The United States has around 1.6M vacation rentals as of 2024, so we want to make an excellent first impression and compel those guests to book your rental.


Simple Yet Dramatic Cosmetic Updates and Changes for ROI

Depending on your investment level and timing, we may suggest paint, electrical and other cosmetic improvements that will result in a high return on investment.  I will tell you which rooms and improvements are “worth it.” 

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Time to Get in the Game

By the year 2026, the short-term rental market is expected to reach a valuation of $8,907.1 million. 

Design Outside of the Box

In 2021, there was a substantial surge of 28.0% in stays at unconventional and distinctive accommodations. 

Great Financial Investment

Approximately 45% of hosts reported that short-term rentals were instrumental in meeting their financial needs. 


Although professional vacation rental design is a relatively new industry, people have been "fixing up" their homes to rent for decades.  These days due to HGTV and the Travel Channel, guests have an "expectation" and are willing to pay quite a bit more for a rental that is "model home" looking.

Is your rental showing at its maximum potential? Why do you need a Vacation Design expert? Check out these Q&A's

What is Vacation Rental Design?

Vacation Rental Design is the preparation of a home to attract and convert online traffic to choose your rental over many others in the area. A professional STR designer has resources, guest knowledge and can objectively view the home as a product and highlight its assets and make the most of each space, while the rental owner cannot always view their home objectively.

How much does STR Design cost?

This is a two part answer. One, it depends on which design service you choose and two it will vary by sqft, scope of work and furniture level you choose for the home, but once we have our short discovery call, we will likely know which service will fit you the best and can then start getting numbers together to most effectively maximize the value of your home!  


What if I only need help with the design?

No problem, this would fall under my Design Only service. I will create the design and floor plan best suited for your space for you to follow step-by-step to recreate the design yourself. You will receive shopping links for any new products recommended, along with where to hang art, place rugs, etc. 

This is more cost effective if you have a lower amount to invest in your home because I will not have to be on-site to install the design.

Why aren't I getting more guests?

There are several factors that could be at play. A few are: poor photos online, outdated/shabby furnishings, lighting, perceived comfort...I could go on.

Once we dive into your property, do a walk-through consultation and pinpoint what the issues of you rental are, we can then set you on the right track to getting more bookings, and even more importantly, having repeat guests that spread the word about your amazing rental!

Do I really need to update my rental?

In our Consultation walk-through, I will identify those "price eroding" factors of your rental, so that we can do the simple fixes that maximize returns. 

Because our homes are like our children, we don’t always see all of its flaws. We’ve gotten used to the way it looks and in fact it is sometimes difficult emotionally to change it. If you can’t view something objectively then you are unable to market and package it effectively.

This is also why having a vacation rental professionally designed and set up is so important.

Client Raves


My wife and I recently purchased a home from out of state with the intention to set it up as a vacation rental.  Lisa from LW Interiors was referred to us by our realtor.  Lisa was excited to take on the task of getting our home ready to rent.  Lisa has taken on all aspects of this project from, designing, purchasing and project management. 

Lisa is a joy to work with, very organized and detail orientated. We could not have taken on this daunting task without Lisa and LW Interiors.

Todd Nelson

STR Client


Lisa was the best decision we made when furnishing our home. Not only is she extremely talented, organized, timely and hardworking, she stuck well within our budget. She quickly understood the design we were looking for and surpassed our expectations.

We absolutely love the result and it was sincere pleasure to work with Lisa throughout our experience. We cannot recommend her more highly!

K. Fahissi

STR Client